Meteor Vineyard

Barry Schuler

The Technology of Grapes

Barry Schuler is best known as a technology visionary and Internet pioneer.   His leadership of AOL during the emerging years of the Internet made it possible for  tens of million of consumers to gain easy access to email, instant messaging, shopping and the billions of pages of content that today have become a part of everyday life. 

Meteor Vineyard is named after Medior Inc., the multimedia development company Barry co-founded.  Medior built many key interactive technologies and designed America Online when it was a small proprietary ISP. Medior was acquired by AOL in 1995 and Barry joined the leadership team that connected over 30 million members worldwide.  He was named Chairman and CEO in 2000 when AOL acquired Media giant Time Warner.

Today Barry is a Venture Capitalist.  As Managing Director of the DFJ Growth Fund, he helps high-potential emerging companies navigate their growth and expansion phase.  Here he focuses on diverse emerging technologies such as Ultrshort pulse lasers  and Synthetic Genomics.

Barry’s broad interests range from his relentless work on education transformation to his passion for food and wine, photography and film production .  In his not-so-spare time, he is an avid fisherman, potter, painter, chef and computer historian.

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