Meteor Vineyard

Mike Wolf

Communicating with the Land

Michael Wolf, Meteor's vineyard manager, discovered his agricultural vocation in 1972 while helping a friend raise pears, prunes and grapes on a family farm in Mendocino County, CA. His experiences with those first crops soon developed into an agricultural philosophy: farming is a process, not an event – farmers and viticulturists who set out to conquer nature lose.  Most importantly, wine is affected by every person who had a hand in its making.

With 30 years’ experience developing and managing California vineyards, Mike now works with 100 acres in Coombsville, an area he considers optimal for Cabernet.  His vineyard services company has over 30 clients, including many of Napa Valley’s leading independent growers, representing over 825 acres.  Since 1987 Mike has been a board trustee of the California Grower Foundation.  He was director of the Napa County Farm Bureau from 1986–1998, and has served on the Napa Valley Viticultural Technical Group’s Executive Committee.  Mike still experiences his sense of wonder about farming, especially when enjoying wines from the vineyards he farms while hanging out at his Howell Mountain home.

Mike Wolf: Full Biography (PDF)