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Lauren Betts
October 22, 2015 | Lauren Betts

Looking Back at Harvest 2015

In a typical year we would be just finishing up our harvest season but, this was not a typical year by any means.  We picked our grapes in the 2nd week of September, a new record for us.  We were not alone in this, most vintners across the valley were picking in early/mid September with most being done by October, which is when harvest would normally be ramping up.

Not only was this our earliest picking season in our vineyard's history, we also held a very low yield-also like many others in the valley.  But, don't fret--although we weren't as plentiful as usual, our grapes were stunning and we know they will make a beautiful 2015 vintage!

Lastly, another new change for us this year is that we are now custom crushing our wines in the amazing facilities at Arkenstone in Anguin.  Our winemaker Dawnine could not be happier with our new crush home!

We were so excited to be in our new facility and harvesting some beautiful grapes that we wanted to share some great photos captured by our winemaker, Dawnine Dyer and our Sales Team BLR Wine CO. (photo credits to Susan LaRossa).

Men working the vineyard:

Shining a light on the grapes:

Getting bins to the truck:

Dumping the bins into larger sorting bins:

Sorting Bin:

Last Bin:

Headed home after a long morning:

Grapes making it to Arkenstone:

To the destemmer:

We can't wait to taste the 2015 in bottle in a couple of years!




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