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Lauren Betts
September 15, 2014 | Lauren Betts

Meteor Vineyard Harvest Update

Just a quick update into the 2014 Harvest here at Meteor Vineyard.

We will begin to harvest our 337 clone this Wednesday, quickly followed by our clone 7 on Friday.  Winemaker, Dawnine Dyer, is still keeping a close look at clone 4, which has slowed down considerably but, continues to have the best looking vines on the property.  This will bring our harvest just over a week ahead of last years when we picked on September 26th.  

Last Analysis brings in the following brix numbers:

337- 25.2

7- 24.9

4- 23.4


Dyer says at this point "the fruit is firm and really picture perfect."  The Meteor Vineyard team is excited for a great 2014 vintage in the making.  


"The contrast between the mahogany color of the mature canes and the blue/black is the berries is classic Meteor!"- Dyer

Check in next week for a full update on our Harvest!  We look forward to sharing the journey and the wines with you.




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