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Lauren Betts
July 21, 2015 | Lauren Betts

Sneak Peak of the life of Barry Schuler via Vine

As most of you know, Meteor Vineyard owner, Barry Schuler, has a wide array of hobbies, interests and skills.

For those of us who know him closely, we always like to follow along and see his newest tech toys or adventures in cooking on his social media platforms.

We thought it might be fun to share some stories via Barry's Vine account to get a peak into the day in the life of our techie vintner here at Meteor Vineyard!

His most recent vine shows Barry enjoying a day of flying one of his high tech toys while spending a summer day on the East Coast (Click picture to be taken to Vine!):

His most recent foodie vine has us craving this cheesy sausage goodness (Click picture to be taken to Vine!):

We agree with Barry, making your own fresh tortilla makes all the difference when cooking homemade Mexi dishes (Click picture to be taken to Vine!):

I don't know about the rest of you but I am a huge breakfast fan and there is NOTHING better than a perfectly cooked breakfast "sammi" (Click picture to be taken to Vine!):

Cooking with family is what it's all about, Barry is always happy to share recipes, especially with his daughter (Click picture to be taken to Vine!):

Ever the fan of new technology, Barry shares the Oculus with grandpa Phil, I wonder what game he is experiencing?? (Click picture to be taken to Vine!):

He has us wanting to dance in the bright lights, big city with this last vine of neon fun (Click picture to be taken to Vine!):

And those are just a FEW of his most recent vines, click link here to view his past vines and keep up with those to come!  We promise, it's always chock full of fun and surprises!  



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