Meteor Vineyard
Lauren Betts
September 26, 2014 | Lauren Betts

Post Harvest at Meteor Vineyard

Checking in with a quick catch up post harvest here at Meteor Vineyard!

Meteor harvested all 3 of our clones (337, 4 and 7) last week, just about a week ahead of the 2013 harvest.  The wines are currently in fermentation at the winery.  

The light rains we received right before harvest always causes slight panic, however the rains only seemed to effect the grapes in a positive light.

For some time the tannins seemed resolved, with no bitter or green characters.  This observation is now supported by phenolic analysis in the tanks where tannins are strong but the bitter compounds are low.

Our winemaker, Dawnine Dyer, and the whole team are looking forward to a beautiful 2014 vintage.






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