Meteor Vineyard
Lauren Betts
May 5, 2015 | Lauren Betts

Spring time at Meteor Vineyard

Spring is not only a beautiful time among the vineyards, it is also a beautiful time in the valley itself. Although, we must admit, our vines are looking quite nice right now.

Spring is the best time to walk amongst the vines (with a great view towards the vineyard house).

The Meteor Vineyard property is not only home to these stunning cabernet vines, it also houses a handful of happy chickens.  

The chickens enjoy their home next to the Meteor gardens, that produce tasteful vegetables, lettuces and fruits throughout the year.

It's always relaxing sitting among the flowers, garden and vines.

Or among the native grasses underneath the Meteor Lone Oak and looking across the property towards the mountains.  

Change perspective and look at the lone oak from the Vineyard House, over the Meteor fig trees.

So, don't forget to look around and smell the roses this spring, or Meteor kumquat trees like this one (you can even take a sweet bite, if you want to!)



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