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Barry Schuler
November 25, 2012 | Cooking | Barry Schuler

Thanksgiving 2012 - it's a wrap

A perfect late Autumn day for Thanksgiving 2012.

The day always starts with baking. Everything I make for Thanksgiving is strictly from scratch - is there any other way?

The menu is planned and iterated throughout the week. I actually start cooking on Monday. to get a jump.

This year will feature two Heritage House birds around 18 lbs. They are very flavorful but require special care in cooking. One will be braised lightly. The other spatchcocked and grilled. Both brined and rubbed. One spicy. One hot.

The whole bird in its sauna-like braise.

The Spatchcocked Turkey was amazing.

A sampling of the dishes and wines.

A happy crowd.

Me striking my best Iron Chef pose.

And the best part of Thanksgiving: the next day. I bake a special rustic country white bread for this.



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Dennis Vernick
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Finally the much awaited thanksgiving day has arrived . I know people have all set for the function to happen soon. Meteor team has done a great job of arranging all the non veg dishes exclusively for the participants. Regards.

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